MSU Quality Measurement Tool: FAQ

MSU Video Quality Measurement Tool FAQ

  1. What about command-line interface? Does MSU VQMT support it?
  2. How can I perform batch processing with MSU VQMT?
  3. Your program reports that it failed to open input file.
  4. What’s about values of the metrics? What values for each metrics means, that quality is better?
  5. Where can I get more information about your own metrics (MSU Blocking/Blurring metrics and others)?
  6. I receive unequal results for AviSynth scripts. What’s wrong?
  7. Is it possible, to open video files, which are not supported by MSU VQMT directly?
  8. Results are unequal (too low) for one or more codecs?
  9. What about masking? I really need it!
  10. Your masking is not convenient; I want to draw a mask on a video frame!
  11. Why MSU VQMT has four variants of PSNR calculation?
  12. What about OPSNR? Why MSU VQMT does not have it?
  13. Why PSNR is slightly different from previous version?
  14. Why MSU VQMT has two variants of SSIM calculation?
  15. Why neither of your SSIM calculations does not match AviSynth SSIM plugin?
  16. Why SSIM (fast) visualization seems to be shifted?
  17. Why MSU Noise Estimation Metric plugin does not match to its previous version?
  18. Why MSU Noise Estimation Metric plugin does not match to VirtualDub MSU Noise Estimation filter?
  19. How can I obtain version for Linux?



21 Feb 2019
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